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If you have just become a doTERRA wholesale member or wellness advocate – welcome and congratulations!  This post is designed to give you a quick idea of how to get the most out of your new membership without bombarding you with a bunch of information.

Using your doTERRA products

If you have any questions or would like help with using your doTERRA products please contact me directly or ask questions through our Facebook group.  Our contact information is here.

10 of the most popular doTERRA oils and blends are in the Home Essentials kit.  You can find information on using the oils in this kit here.

How to earn purchasing points as a doTERRA member

For many people a major benefit of being a doTERRA wholesale member is that you can earn points back on purchases.  You can earn points on your purchases by joining the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), which requires a monthly purchase of any points-qualifying product – these are known as LRP orders.  You can find more information on LRPs by clicking on the images below.

LRP Explained

This video is based in Australia so some things are different.  In New Zealand our courier charge for orders is $9.95 and we get 10 points for freight on our LRP orders.



How to setup an LRP order

There is no enrolment process for joining the Loyalty Rewards Program.  You simply create an LRP order online from your doTERRA Virtual Office and order your products through that.  The doTERRA video below shows how this is done.


Your feedback

If there’s anything on this page that you would like to see expanded on or any subject that you think could be included, please leave us feedback, either on this post or directly from the contact page.

Thanks for reading!


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