Essential Oils

I am a Wellness Advocate (member) of doTERRA in New Zealand.  doTERRA essential oils are the only ones that I use and the only ones I recommend to others.  I don’t pretend to know all other brands of essential oils or that they are inferior to doTERRA but have researched enough to know that doTERRA consistently score well in oil purity and produce more credible educational material on essential oil use than any other company I’m aware of.  There are other reasons I love the doTERRA products, but these are the ones that spring to mind.

Because I am a doTERRA member I get my oils at wholesale prices and I use quite a few of the better known doTERRA blends and oils.  The purpose of this website is not just to share my insights and the results of using these oils (which have been dramatic for me) but to also offer the oils I buy at affordable prices to others who would like to try them for their own health and the health of their families.

Because I’ve had a stroke it is often difficult for me to communicate directly with others (particularly people who don’t know me well).  I can read the emails that many people have sent me but cannot easily respond to them without assistance from others.  I setup this website to make it easier for me to share oils with others, without the delays of emailing.


The Online Shop

After setting up the website and listing the oils I had available on this page, we decided to setup a shop on the site so that anybody who wanted to try doTERRA oils could do so without needing to join as a wholesale member themselves.

The shop originally listed only the products that I had available at home to share (about 25 items or so), but quickly grew to include all N.Z. products (over 160 items).  Our shop now lists more than 200 doTERRA items, including more than 25 of the more popular products from the United States.

You can shop with us on-line here or read more about how our shop works here.


Buying retail online versus becoming a doTERRA member

Since I joined doTERRA and started sharing my story and the oils with others I have found that many people are aware of doTERRA and love the oils.  However, many of the people I’ve worked with closely are not so happy about feeling pressured into doTERRA membership or signing up other people to memberships.

Part of the reason for this site is to give people who would like to try doTERRA oils for their own health and the health of their families the opportunity to do so; affordably and without pressure.

There are good reasons to join doTERRA as a wholesale member, but these reasons become more obvious when you use these oils and products every day like I do.  I would rather that you buy a few oils retail from a friend (or my site!) and develop a sense of what these oils can do for you, rather than be put off and not try them at all.

I love the doTERRA oils that I have used so far and encourage others to try them.  If this site helps you get started on that path, then I’m happy to have been of service!  If you are interested in finding out more about doTERRA membership and whether it might make sense for you, I’d love to talk with you about it.  You can reach me through the email or phone numbers on my contact page.  If you send me a message, I’d be happy to answer any questions by email or call you back at a time that suits.




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