CPTG – the doTERRA standard of quality

CPTG is a standard created by doTERRA to best describe the quality of its products. Within the United States, doTERRA certifies the purity of its products through independent, as well as extensive in-house, testing of its oils.  In the United States, the oils are recognised as therapeutic grade, however in New Zealand doTERRA products are referred to as Certified Pure, Tested Grade.

Any video that we link to on this website should be seen in this context. CPTG may be described as therapeutic grade in the United States (and U.S. videos), but should be viewed as tested grade in NZ.  That being said, the doTERRA oils that we receive in NZ are the same as sold in the United States, so are tested to the same standard.


The oil in every doTERRA bottle is tested

doTERRA does not sample test its oils – every single batch of oil is tested, both in-house and by independent labs, and the results published online.  Each bottle of doTERRA oil sold has a Quality ID stamped on the bottom.  The Quality ID of single oils can be looked up on doTERRA’s Source to You website so you can see the test results of the oil in your bottle.


How to lookup test results for your doTERRA Oil

doTERRA Quality ID on Lavender bottleI took a random bottle of Lavender oil and entered the Quality ID at the Source to You website and got the following test results.  The test results are for the batch of oil that was used in this particular bottle.  Lavender oil purchased a year ago would have been processed in a different batch and have a different test report.

Because doTERRA blends contain different types of oils from different batches, their Quality IDs cannot be used to lookup test results like with the single oils.


doTERRA’s Internal Testing

Although it’s broadly understood that doTERRA does GCMS testing on its oils, there are actually a number of different tests carried out throughout the manufacturing process.  The video below outlines some of them.

Any reference to therapeutic grade in this video should be construed as tested grade in New Zealand or its territories. This video is linked here to show the doTERRA philosophy and approach to testing and the purity of its oils and is not intended to imply any therapeutic benefit or safety from reaction for any individuals.

A compilation of videos describing the type of tests done by doTERRA to test oils and what each test actually does.


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