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This category of posts is specifically about doTERRA products, as opposed to the systems or practices of the company itself.


doTERRA Product Information Pages

doTERRA Product Information Pages (PIPs) are printable product descriptions that are specific to each country.  In some cases the PIP includes significantly more information than the online product pages – the PIPs for the...


How to use Essential Oils

Understandably, we get a lot of questions from our website visitors about which oils are best for a particular condition or outcome they are wanting.  We are not doctors, so cannot prescribe or even...

Comparing doTERRA Aromatic Diffusers 0

Which doTERRA diffuser is best?

doTERRA sells a number of aromatic diffusers in New Zealand, including the Petal 2.0 and Lumo.  Periodically, the Brevi diffuser is available as a limited availability promotion.  Diffusers that are currently available are listed...